Concepts on Energy, Sustainability and Safety

At international level active in the field of Energy & Sustainability and still involved with Safety of Cars and Motorcycles.

Became an engineer (ir.) in Vehicle Dynamics at the Technical University of Delft, conducted an internship at Volvo and thesis on Four Wheel Steering with BMW in Munich. Research at Volvo Cars. Officer in military service. General management in mechanics and logistics. Managing Consultant at Ernst & Young Consulting, 10 years as a Certified Management Consultant with the Order of Experts and Consultants Organization (OOA). Still participating in the Dutch Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI), sections Management and Vehicle Technology.

Recently Business Development on In Vehicle Data for the Dutch Vehicle Authority.



A strong believe in the necessity of an sustainable, save, integrated mobility and energy systems, in business and leisure.


  • Accelerating ideas, businesses, collaborations
  • Thought Leadership
  • Network


Value Propositions in:

Automotive and Energy:

  • Projects in the field of Electric Vehicles, Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and Car and Motorcycle Connectivity (V2X)
  • Business Development in Safety of Motorcycles: MoDarts

As spin-off from former Business Development activities: